Storrmee Shahleah

(Shah Ad Milanne x Storrmy Surprise)

2007 Black Mare



Shahleah is my special little love!!!  She is her mama Storrmy all over again, only in black!  She is the product of a special breeding, as you will see in her pedigree--her grandmother, Aziza Mona Lisa, is a full-sib to her grandfather, Shah Ad Zaman.  She is just perfect!

It was so dark when she was born (about 3am) that I didn't know I had a little filly for about an hour.  She had some colostrum in her and was trying to stand when she tumbled, as we know they do, and I saw all I needed to determine sex.  Joel came back out of the house to hear my squeals of delight.  And they haven't stopped!!!

She insists on hugs and pets.  She is intelligent, inquisitive, and rather independent--a lot like her mama!  And, oh, did I mention the best motion I have ever seen, and that's saying a lot since Storrmy takes my breath away every time she struts, too.  What a floating trot and arched neck!

My Shahleah is growing and maturing.  She is becoming more self-confident and even more beautiful.  (Is that possible?)  She isn't going to be a tall horse, more the average for this part of the family, around 14.2 hands.  Her mane is crinkled--my favorite style.  And her head gets prettier every day.  She is my little darling--the only one to ever equal her Mama Storrmy and Grandma Mona in my heart.  To say that she will never leave me is an understatement!!!!!  I love her deeply!!!!!