StorrmyZ Dezert Doll

(Ravenwood Zaim x Storrmy Surprise)

2004 Chestnut Mare


Dolly finally came after days of staying up almost all night.  We had come in for supper and took an extra 5 minutes.  When we went back out, there she was, less than 5 minutes old.  ANOTHER CHESTNUT, BUT A FILLY-AT LAST!!!  (It seems Storrmy has only had foals every three years so it had been 6 years since big sister Lightning Storrm-owned by Marge Smith of Pal-Ara Arabians-had been born.)  She was so sweet!!!

Now that Dolly is grown, she looks more like her mama and her full-brother Jr looks more like their daddy.  Since she isn't a liver chestnut, I hold the hope that she can pass on Storrmy's bay gene at last.

Dolly is so very sweet and very laid-back!  She has finally come out of her gangly growing stage.  However, Dolly refused to get into the horse trailer to go visit Black Lightning this year, so it is unknown when she will have her first foal.

Eventually, she is destined to go live with my sister in the future.  I will miss her sweetness here, but I will see her often when I am at my sister's house.