Solder Girl

(Solder Boy x Baqin Amal)

1999 Grey Mare

(On Lease to Terri-Lynn Soltys

                    of Murillo, Ontario Canada)


Baqin Amal was a beautiful Aziza Serr Anadah granddaughter through her mother Aziza Sonadah.  That part of the family line has been extremely difficult to find, and when I do find a horse, it seems that they haven't been used for breeding "just because." 

The Girl's sister, Sasfire is "missing," probably forever (sold at an auction in California along with her Al Khamsa Sahanad Preservation daughter that was never registered)That puts a lot of responsibility on Solder Girl.  At age 10 she has not had any foals yet, and so she has not given us any progeny to carry on her part of the family.  THAT IS WHY I BOUGHT HER--in addition to her being a beautiful mare. 

I decided to lease her so that she could possibly breed to different stallions.  Right now she is in Canada to be bred to Mydnyte Sparrkler for a 2010 foal.  In the future?  That is unknown--but Terri-Lynn has fallen in love with a GREY!  (The pic above of Girl's FIRST bath tells it all!!!)  So plans are for the Girl to just stay with her Sparrky and Terri-Lynn--something that seems a really good thing for all three of them.  At this point in time, we do not think that she is in foal, but stay tuned for more news AND photos.