Sir Ravenn Mone

(Ravenwood Zaim x Lightnings Lilly)

2002 Black Stallion

Co-owned with Joan & Will Rhodes

AT STUD--Live Cover ($500)

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Where do I start on this one?!?!?  He is the only get of Ravenwood Zaim that looks more like his beautiful dam than like his sire!!!  He has been the sweetest stallion of all time.

Ravenn was the first foal Joel saw born.  They bonded immediately!  He has always been the sweetest!  He would snuggle up to Joel when we were out with the foals, trying to sit down in his lap.  (That is the same thing we heard about Ravenn's son, Sir Silver Sultann.)  As we all know, it doesn't take very long for foals to outgrow being "lapdogs"!  "Way-Way", as Joel called him, was always well mannered and easy to handle and train.  (If you read about Mydnyte Kyss, you will understand this, but...I am wondering what Joel will call the foal when "Way-Way" and "Smoochie" have a baby?)

The spring of Ravenn's two year old year, Joel had to have a heart surgery and I needed to cut back on our number of stallions-5 at that time.  Joan and Will Rhodes had met him as a baby and had fallen in love with him, but they were hesitant to take on a stallion even though they wanted one.  They came up to meet him and were impressed with his gentleness.  They decided to take him to their place via a very good trainer.  Ravenn has continued to be the same sweet guy as a stud. 

Now the Rhodes are co-owning Ravenn with us. We have some breedings planned for the future between our mares and this gorgeous stallion.  (He looks so much like my Maj that it is just another example of the "cookie-cutter" consistency of the Sahanad horses.)  We always look forward to our trips down to see Ravenn and the rest of the family down that way!