What is it?

There is so much to know and learn about this family of horses that there

is no way to include all of it here.  It is hoped that each of you will pursue

that knowledge.  Learn what makes the Arabian horse special and

learn what makes our tail-female Sahanad horses EXTRA special.

Who was Sahanad?

Sahanad was a 1959 mare whose female ancestors in

the bottom line of her pedigree (that is what is

referred to as the "tail-female line") all descended

from the mare *Wadduda imported directly from the

desert to the United States in 1906 by Homer

Davenport.  *Wadduda was a famous Bedouin war

mare known for her athletic abilities, beauty and

carriage, and loyalty to her owner.  Her slave, Said

Abdullah, came to the Unitled States with her--

together they starred in Buffalo Bill's Wild Wild West

Show.  She passed on her qualities to her get and all

Davenport Arabians trace to her in their pedigrees. 

Sahanad's only straight Davenport daughter died

before leaving a daughter to carry on the line,

resulting in the loss of the tail-female *Wadduda line

in the Davenport horses.  This program is trying to

preserve her line in the purest way.  She is also found

in the pedigrees of many, many other Arabian horses

as well.


What is a "preservation program?"

A preservation program is breeding in a way so as to

try to keep a desired trait or traits.  This means using

mares and stallions with those traits to breed to each

other to produce offspring (called progeny or get)

with those same characteristics.  (Hence, geldings

are not considered part of a preservation program

but are often included in program information since

they can teach much about a particular program.)



Program all about?


breeding tail-female Sahanad horses in such a way as

to keep as much of the gene pool of Sahanad

available for the future.  It means breeding tail-female

mares of the family line to Al Khamsa (Al Khamsa =

all lines in the pedigree trace back to desert-bred

horses) stallions, and if possible, to other tail-female

Sahanad Al Khamsa stallions to maintain her genetic

contribution to the Arabian horse breed.  (We have

also included Al Khamsa stallions whose sire were

tail-female Sahanad even though the mare was not.)


How did this current program start?

In the late 1980's Robin and Nathan Howard bought

the mare Vaneta Sphar (currently owned by Lisa

Visnaskas).  They loved her!  It became their desire

to produce more Arabians like her, SO they switched

to an Al Khamsa program and sought other horses of

her line.  They were able to locate about a dozen at

that time, and they began buying and breeding. 

Many of the horses in the program today are because

of what they started.  Other horses are in the program

because their owners were also--by plan or by

"accident"--breeding their mares to Al Khamsa

stallions, creating their own little preservation

program.  Several of us who happened to meet up

with Robin and Nathan (and agreed with their goals)

have started our own programs of preservation.  It is

our hope that more will continue to join us.


What can I do?

Learn about different horses.  Learn about the horses

this program preserves and the horses available to do

it.  It is hoped that you will love our family of horses

and help the lines of these worthy horses continue.

Whichever horses you breed, carefully and wisely

plan breedings.


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