Mydnyte Wysper

(Black Lightning x Bataas Ebony)

1998 HOMOZYGOUS Black Mare

Co-owned with Joan & Will Rhodes

Wysper is a beautiful little mare!!!  She was little when she was born--I was going to name her Mydnyte Kyss, but she was too little for a kiss, barely a whisper--so she renamed herself Mydnyte Wysper.  I knew when she was born that I needed to sell her to help pay for a stallion that I had purchased the fall before.  It was with great sadness that I let her go to Montana and Idaho when she was still a baby.

She was intended to be part of an Al Khamsa preservation program, but--as we know--life changes things.  She was trained for riding and was sold to be a child's mount for awhile.  She was never bred.  But then she came up for sale again.  And then that purchase fell through and ...  As life has it's twists of irony, I was able to sell my stallion (Yes, the one I sold her to help pay for 9 years earlier.) and got her back Fall of 2007.  However, friends of mine that co-own Sir Ravenn Mone with me, Joan and Will Rhodes, had wanted to buy her and asked if I would let them co-own her with me also.  With a shortage of hay here, they were able to twist my arm and she is at their place in southern Missouri.  I got to go down to see her that October and we enjoyed a sweet reunion.  It was great to feel her remember me and welcome my hugs and whispers of sweet things in her ears.  

We bred her to Shah Ad Milanne for a 2009 foal--her first.  How I prayed for all to go right!!!  (I have been so thrilled with my Shahleah that another Shah baby is exciting!)  As with her, and most of my foals, I play around with names before I ever breed--I came up with Mydnyte Milanne or Midnyte Shahmann.

Well, after waiting 365 days, Mydnyte Shahmann made his appearance into the world just before midnight on June 20, 2009.  He was such a sweetheart and full of curiosity and bounciness!!!
Now Wysper is in Illinois with Sandy Jones and will, hopefully, be bred to an Aziza Malachi grandson.