Mydnyte Shahmann

(Shah Ad Milanne x Mydnyte Wysper)

2009 Black Stallion

Photos above were taken at about 15 hours old.


At last--Manny is here!!!  I sold his mother as a weanling to go be part of a preservation program than never happened.  It took a long time, but I finally got her back 9 years later.  (Now Wysper lives with Joan & Will Rhodes in southern Missouri.)  Then Summer 2008 she went to be bred to Shah Ad Milanne.  After 365 days, Manny made his appearance into this world just before midnight.

Manny wasn't just small--he was teeny!!!  Wysper had trouble letting her milk down because it was painful for her as a maiden mare.  She didn't have the needed colostrum to give him immunities so he had to have plasma the next afternoon.  To top it all off, the heat index for the first two weeks of his life was 100 degrees or higher.  And then, when Wysper had her foal heat on day 6, he almost got very sick from that.  Added together, Manny had a rough start!!!   He's a tough little guy who even has his vet wrapped around his tail!  (Not to mention Joan & Will Rhodes plus Joel & me!)

He has been a joy to watch grow!  Joan has spent many hours taking extra care of our little package.  She has been rewarded and able to see him experience a lot of his "firsts" in life.  (I'm jealous!  I wish I were there with them!)  I get to hear about them over the telephone.  I have been down there twice to help with him and I should be down there at least another two times this summer.

Someday Manny will have to go to live with others, but for now, he is our little angel.  He will eventually be for sale, but he won't go anywhere until he is at least about one year old.