Mydnyte Kyss

(Ravenwood Zaim x Bataas Ebony)

2003 Black Mare


Mydnyte Kyss was the name I had planned on giving her older sister, but that filly ended up Mydnyte Wysper.  When Ebony finally gave me another filly, she deserved the name of Kyssi.  (Joel calls her "Smoochie" to my dismay and her delight!) 

Mama Ebony had a difficult foaling her second pregnancy but was cleared to be bred again.  The next foaling (Mydnyte Sparrkler--owned by Terri-Lynn Soltys in Canada) was easy but early, almost premature.  The next year was Kyssi's turn--she was considered a premature foal.  I had worked hard to hold off the foaling for a week and a half, and when Ebony laid down that evening and had a beautiful little filly only three and a half weeks early, I kissed her and said a prayer that she would be fine.  Miracle of miracles, she had good, healthy lungs and was able to stand and nurse with gusto.  In a few weeks her legs grew strong and straight.  My baby was fine!  But it was determined--by my nerves--that Eb shouldn't be bred again; I just couldn't take the stress again.  (Eb went to live with my friend Debbie Wack.  They have moved to Montana--so far away that I may never see her again, but the good news is that Eb seems to be just fine for breeding again.  She had another son with no problems in 2006.  Now she is being bred to Ravenwood Montara for a 2010 foal and moving to Canada to live with Judy White.)

Kyssi's ears were so tipped when she was born that they curled around my little finger--the only part of her that hasn't been in a lopsided development.  She has been a gangly girl, just like her mother was, during her development.  (I had considered breeding her  at age 4 but decided not to when she was still so gangly.)  Over last winter she has finally come out of these growth spurts and blossomed into a beautiful mare.  I tried once but did not get her in foal for a 2010 foal--we will try again for a 2011. 

She sticks her nose through the fence and around the garage door to get extra lovies (and food).  And she will push the others aside for a hug and snuggle.  Joel considers Kyssi his horse, and Kyssi returns the sentiment.  Look for pictures of them together in the future.  I'm sure Joel will have a bias toward a particular foal--when that happens in the future.  Just wait and see!!!