MonaLisas Majesty

(Black Lightning x Aziza Mona Lisa)

1998 HOMOZYGOUS Black Stallion


Private Treaty    Live Cover--very limited    FROZEN SEMEN




About the time of my 7th birthday, my family moved to the farm.  I had wanted a horse since I turned 3, and now I started really begging.  My dad's cousin was married to a horse trainer/trader so Dad took me when he went to talk to him.  His cousin's husband put me up on the bareback of a 3 year old BLACK Arabian stallion (really rare in the late 1950's) and we walked, trotted, and cantered on the end of a lunge line--my dream was born.  Of course, I grew up reading the Black Stallion books by Walter Farley.  (Who didn't?)

I had bred Mona to a stallion in Montana by transported semen in 1997.  Three weeks later she lost that embryo due to a snake bite reaction.  We had tried to give her hormones to keep that from happening, but after we lost that embryo, we took her Black Lightning for another breeding (I had already bred two mares to him that summer).  Nothing happened the first cycle.  We tried again a second cycle and then it was time for Lightning to go back to Oregon.  An ultrasound indicated that she didn't get pregnant. 

That November my father went into the hospital with congestive heart failure.  I went down to Texas over Thanksgiving to help with his care.  We talked about how disappointed I was that Mona wasn't pregnant--only my dad totally understood how I felt!!!  Dad died in mid-December.

At the end of February I came home to a message from my neighbor saying she thought Mona looked pregnant.  Long story short, she was!!!!!

In late July, Mona foaled and it was a black colt.  My dream horse was here!!!  Tears still come to my eyes whenever I think of how I went to pick up the phone to tell Dad, but then I realized I couldn't.  (I still tear up to this day!)

Maj is the storybook horse you find in children's books, the one I drew in pictures growing up.  Now he is at my house!!!  His foals are so much like him!!!  I have two at my house with more spread around, including quite a few part-breds.  Now he is making the dreams of others come true.

Because of the economy, I didn't breed Maj to any of our mares for 2009.  Things took a turn in late September 2009 that made me realize that there is too short of a time to be with our cherished ones!  Maj was let out of his stall by his sister Storrmy (An expert Houdini!!!) and decided to go fight with Jr.  However, on the way there, while breaking down the stallion enclosure fence, Maj got a puncture wound to his right front fetlock joint.  It has been days of little steps and gradually getting better--this type of injury presents only a 50-50 chance of survival.  Maj won over all of the vets and students at the University of Missouri vet hospital during the weeks under their care, and he was well known for his ability to beg for treats.  It was months of recovery and holding my breath, but the joint finally fused--even if it took over 3 years.  
Maj has been stall-bound since the injury.  With the joint finally fusing, I have moved him into stall that is over twice a big.  Next spring plans are being made to let him out into an outside enclosure so he can feel the sun and see the stars. 

All of this has changed how Maj is available for use at stud.  I had his semen collected and frozen at the university so that if something happens and my gorgeous stallion doesn't make it, at least I will have a way to have more of his foals.

Maj is my beloved black stallion and the pride of my pasture!