Gypsy Serr Anadah

(Solder Boy x Bint Bint Adhem)

2007 Black Mare


Serra is a special little horse!  She helping my heart heal after almost 8 years.

In 1995 I bought Bataas Ebony and started planning her breedings--I chose Diadhem for her and in 1999 I bred her to him.  The next summer I lost that colt in a very difficult foaling incident.  I never got to breed back to him before Eb left me and other things just got in the way.

So I started trying to find other ways to get more Aziza Serr Anadah blood into my breeding program and finally found Diadhem's full-sister Bint Bint Adhem (alias, "Gypsy") in North Dakota.  (Gypsy is the youngest half-sister of my foundation mare Aziza Mona Lisa.)  I started talking to Dawn about getting one of her daughters.  While I was deciding, one was sold, another was not for sale, and I couldn't afford the other--and then she had another colt!  So Dawn and I planned on me getting a filly in the future, only Gypsy didn't want to talk to the stallion I chose and we missed a year.  It was then that I agreed to let Gypsy talk to Solder Boy again, and the following spring Serra was born--another in a string of gorgeous full-sibs.

She got here on Sunday, April 13th in 2008.  My beautiful, sweet little talker!!!  On the trip here she endeared herself to our shipper Jeff for being so level-headed, personable with her talking to everybody, and loading and unloading so well.  

I am so looking forward to what she will bring to my program!  She has been named after her mother and grandmother--whom I dearly loved.  I love her pedigree and am looking forward to her future breedings.  (I'd love to breed her to Shah Ad Milanne for her first foal if he is still producing!)  Time will tell.