Egypts Mona Elise

(AK Ra Namees x Egypts Lace)

1999 Grey Mare


I never intended on buying Elise.  Her mother was the firstborn of our foundation mare Aziza Mona Lisa.  I had tried to buy her mother for at least two years when I was offered a deal to buy Lacy and her two daughters--Elise was just a yearling then.  When Carl sent me their pics, I FELL IN LOVE!  I had to have that baby girl!  A friend helped me go get them from New Mexico.  Elise wasn't halter-broke yet, so I spent the two days there teaching her to lead.  It has been a delightful life since then.  She is such a beauty and absolute sweetheart!!!!! 

Elise's mother and full-sister, it turned out, had both contracted a uterine infection that couldn't be cleared up, so they moved on to live with little girls and teach them how to show.  Elise stayed with me to carry on that part of the family line.  (Her sister Egypts Alima has a daughter in New Mexico named Bluewater Sierra that might still be able to help carry on the line.  Her other daughter GDA Egypts Lace was taken by the "Humane Society" a few years ago and is lost.) 

Elise is a fabulous mother!  She has had two foals sired by my black stallion (MonaLisas Majesty), making both foals the only ones with two lines back to Mona.  And, to my great delight, both are BAY--the rarest color of all in our family!!!  At the moment, Elise is waiting to be bred by AI to Maj for their 3rd foal together.  Will it be bay, black, or grey?  Stay tuned for future news.