Aziza Mona Lisa

Our Sahanad Preservation Foundation Mare

(Shah Zoom x Aziza Serr Anadah) -- 1980 Grey Mare 




Mona was the center of all that happens at our farm--without her, there would have been no farm.  ALL of our horses are related to her in one way or another.  Mona didn't live her the last years of her life because I gave her to my nephew (my nephew "belongs" to her) and she lived with my sister and her family.  All I have to do is look around and we are surrounded by her presence.


When I met Mona on April 4, 1994, little did I know how much that pregnant grey mare would change my life forever!!!  Three and a half weeks later, Storrmy Surprise--the love of my life--was foaled.  The love between Mona and I grew until, finally, she came to live with Storrmy and I, and the rest have come because of her influence.  When she went to my sister's, I looked out and would see that beauty.  It was a special treat to go love on her.  We lost our lady on January 18, 2010,to a heart attack or aneurysm of some sort, just short of her 30th birthday.  
My sister cared for her the last 7+ years of her life:  treats every day because Mona told her she wanted them, mixing her food a day early because she liked it that way, fluffing her hay flakes because she wanted it that way, making sure not even a stray piece of grass or hay was in the water because Mona wanted it done that way, a blanket whenever it was cold... (I think you get the idea.)  She received the best of care from my sister!
Only her spirit remains here and she has gone on to the greener pastures.