Aziza Mona Elisa

(MonaLisas Majesty x

               Egypts Mona Elise)

2005 Bay Mare


Lizzie has been our "porcelain doll" from the day she was born!  She has her daddy's beautiful, beautiful head with the hugest eyes, wide forehead, super dish, and his tremendous nostrils (that he got from his Mama Mona).  She has a nice short back and level croup with a tiny waist.  She is so dainty!!!  AND she is BAY!!!  (At last, I had my favorite color, but it was out of my grey and my black.  Oh, well, I'll take it any way I can.)  I kept watching her eyelashes, looking for white, but they never came.  My baby bay! 

Lizzie knows how to flaunt her stuff and put that tail in the air--I just have a hard time having a camera in hand when it happens.  As I update this in 2009, she is four this year and going nowhere!!!  She had two half-sisters born the same year, both half-Arabs, and one is still here--Hollywoods Dee Lyte --and they are always together, sharing a stall to this day.

Lizzie has to have attention.  She has to be the first to be petted.  She has to be first out of the stall.  It is her little nose that greets us when we come home.  It is her whinny that greets us when we emerge from the house in the morning.  She is going to be a tremendous lady!

When Serra (Gyspy Serr Anadah) came to live with us in 2008, Lizzie adopted her.  Serra was the new kid and very lost with being in a new place.  Lizzie shared her food with her and protected her from the older "grouchy" girls.  Serra had to go live with my sister for a few months and when she returned, Serra had grown much taller and didn't smack her baby lips any more--you should have seen Lizzie teach her right then and there that she was still a "baby" and Lizzie was her boss.  Now "Mama" Lizzie is back to teaching her how to be a proper young filly in the herd.  LIZZIE IS GOING TO BE A FABULOUS MAMA WHEN HER TIME FINALLY COMES!

I will let Lizzie finish growing before I breed her.  She keeps getting taller and taller than I expected.  She is already taller than her mother and probably looking towards 15h before she's done.  With all of the stallions available in the Sahanad Preservation group now, I have lots of prospects for her.

Keep watching.  The future looks bright!