Videos - Nature's Heart

I'm happy having completed the DVD of my two songs, Beautiful Day and What You Love. I would like to share the joy of my creation, my work of art, my garden, my songs, my love, with all people. And it is for the celebration of the glory of life, the beauty of human existence and ultimately for true self-awareness of all human beings. It would be my great joy if it brings you a sense of peace, happiness, and pure self-awareness.

- Maitreya 9.7.2014

Praise and The Most Beautiful Thing - beautiful songs sung in the background of the glorious Spring garden, the magical lantern-lit evening garden, and the spectacular crystal garden that contains profound teaching.

"Just by listening to these, one can become enlightened. The pure way of Buddha that anyone can follow, that is just stillness and BE-ness. Simple but complete, because Buddha, the truth (the ultimate reality) is always present, here, now, in us all. It is not a matter of attaining it, but of being aware of it. That meditation is just sit and be, to be and to know that I am."

- Maitreya 11.01.2015

Production by Hold That Shot