Space To Breathe

Thoughts from a Japanese Garden

Space to Breathe is a photographic and seasonal journey through this Japanese garden with haiku poetry from Maitreya.

Koji Takeuchi (Maitreya) and Pauline Bell

Hardcover, 90 pages, English and Japanese, ISBN-13: 978-0-9955647-0-1


Space to Breathe


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A Review

I have been fortunate to have been a regular visitor to this quiet place over the years, so I can say with certainty that the beautiful photographic images and wonderfully reflective and meditative Haiku within this book, tell the story of a whole year in the extraordinary Garden that is Pure Land. Pauline Bell has managed to capture in her exquisite photography the very Essence of this Japanese garden. Her images truly encapsulate the magic of the seasons in all their changing glory.

Each image within the book contains a Haiku or Meditation written both in Japanese calligraphy and English by Koji Takeuchi (Maitreya), the creator of Pure Land. The making of this garden has taken forty two years of his life so far. He has created a space that all can enjoy, truly a space in which to just breathe and be. The haiku in this book cover themes about Nature, Beauty, Life, Joy, Aging, Death and Creation in a sometimes humorous but always profound way.

In the creation of this book they give the reader the time and space to meditate on the nature of change in all things. The perfect gift for a lover of Gardens or just for someone you love.

Graham Gavin