Perfect Relaxation and Meditation

The new, refined and re-recorded edition of the Complete Relaxation and Meditation CD.

"Experience deep relaxation, pure peace and true self-awareness through listening and practicing relaxation and meditation." - Maitreya It is the direct path to the truth, the ultimate guide for spiritual awakening, self-realization - the goal of all religion and spiritual teachings is in it. ONE. As you sit still, all become One. You become One, all embracing, all knowing, all loving. No fear or doubt. No anger or misery. No trouble or suffering. World is not there anymore. You are free. You are a Buddha, as you really are.

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Perfect Relaxation and Meditation CD

Duration 67:47


Delivery £2.00 UK, £3.50 international.


1. Relaxation Guidance

Duration 5:17


2. Relaxation Practice

Duration 22:18


3. Meditation Guidance

Duration 6:02


4. Meditation Practice

Duration 34:10


Perfect Relaxation and Meditation MP3 Album

Duration 67:47


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