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From Montreal, head Est on Hwy 20 until it ends soon after Rivière-du-Loup. Follow signs to get on to Hwy 132 (a 2 lane Hwy). You will go through the following towns:
and then Hwy 132 will open back up to Hwy 20 again going around the city of Rimouski.
Take Exit 629 for Sainte-Luce/Luceville
Turn left heading North for 900 meters where you will turn right at the lights onto Hwy 132 again and heading East.
Around 9km down Hyw 132, you will turn left on rue Poirier which is a small crescent. A good landmark you can see from a distance is a black rectangular tower 
which is 2 doors down from Maison Paradis. If you miss the first entrance to the rue Poirier road, look for the second one about 500 meters ahead. Look for a white bungalow, number 96 rue Poirier and enjoy your stay in Paradise!

Maison Paradis: 96 rue Poirier, Ste-Flavie, Quebec