A roadbike tour

Welcome  to our Radltour!

 June 22nd through June 26th 2018

Iris, age 73, retired and retired bicyclist

Road bike Tour along the river Main bike trail (Germany)

This blog is made for interested bicyclists in order to check distances and accommodations.

The inserted pictures round the blog.

You know: There is no time to stall.

An interesting bike trail, which has to get done...

Total 318 Kilometer

no significant climb

Road mostly paved

Hope you enjoy the blog and pictures.

Good luck to our followers.

1st day: 22nd of June 2018

start tour at Bamberg train station (pretty late train arrival 15:30)

Arrival Bamberg late: 15:30
Start the tour
Night at Hotel Linde Gädheim near Schweinfurt.
Tel.: +49 9727 91010
56 Kilometer
From Bamberg main station in direction of the Dom, then further to the river Regnitz and further to the Main-Donau Kanal (channel).
The bicycle trail is located at the South rim of the river Main.
The river Main itself you meet at Viereth. The bike trail in general leads in West direction. A lot of river channels have to be passed. On significant is the channel (Schleuse) Limbach. Sand on Main, a winery village, comes in sight.. At Sand the bicycle rail changes to the North rim of the river Main.

 At the river Regnitz
 Reaching Viereth soon...
 Well marked bicycle trail
 Typical view of bicycle trail
 River Main bridge
 River Main bridge
 local artists's work (I see a virgin...)
 on the road (again)
 rest bench for tired bicyclists
 my hotel
 remembrance plate - for the solders come home from freeing Vienna from the Turks
 impressions from the village
 Found a lot of historical landmarks
 other side of 'my' hotel

Let's call it a day

2nd day: 23rd of June 2018

From Ottendorf Gädheim near Schweinfurt to Lohr on Main
Night Hotel Frankenhof
Tel.: +49 9352 604485
130 Kilometer
Until Zell on Main South rim of river Main
From Gemünden on: right rim of river Main.
Some miles before Gemünden gravel road, about 5 kilometers.
With a short visit of the BMW roof repair  'pixelrichter" - a one hour rest with refreshments...
Pixelrichters ar work:

...and then, the tour continuous...:
I made a short cut on a river Main. Not knowing how much this climb costs me the rest of that day

 Arriving at Schweinfurt
 Rolling hill on Main loop before Wurzburg
 The tired bicyclist
 Wurzburg - complicated bicycle trail
 Wurzburg - tourist ship
 Wurzburg channel (Schleuse)
 Wurzburg - view to the castle
 Zell on Main - City landing

Let's call it a day:
(same procedure as the day before)

3rd day: 24th of June 2018

From Lohr on Main to Niedernberg
Night Pension Reinhard
Tel.: +4960289937090
111 Kilometer
Until Wertheim ride at the South rim of river Main.
Change to North rim at the bridge just before Wertheim
Return to South rim at Freudenberg

 Nur Schwan und Ente, tun nichts für ihre Rente
 zu Fuß, wie die Tiere
on feet, like the animals
 passing wonderful landscape and castles
 I like cobble stones
Main Motor ferry
 Freudenberg - Main bridge
 Laudenbach on Main
 Wörth on Main
 Wörth on Main
 this is against us...
 Niedernberg - Main access
 'my' pension at Niedernberg

Let's call it a day:
(same procedure as every day)

4th day: 25rd of June 2018

From Niedernberg toHösbach (near Aschaffenburg)
Night Hotel Gerber,
Hösbach, Aschaffenburger Str. 12
Tel.: +49 6021 150683
21 Kilometer


Let's call it a day:
(same procedure as every day)

5th day: 26th of June 2018

Travel back home by public train

My cute traveling companion
(we didn't have to much communications, as he didn't speak my language)

                                            - End of report -