Dryfe Sands 1593

The Battle of Dryfe Sands
6th December 1593
Stephen Maggs
For over half a century the Maxwell and Johnstone clans waged a bitter feud with each other and during the late sixteenth century vied for the supremacy of the Scottish West March (Dumfriesshire area, south-west Scotland).  In December 1593 the eighth Lord Maxwell decided to put an end to the matter  once and for all, little knowing that his action would lead to Scotland's largest, bloodiest clan battle ever know.
Battle Location
Along the Dryfe River between Lochmaben and Lockerbie
Army Strength
The Nithsdale Army, under Lord John Maxwell 2,000 men
The Annandale Army, under Lord James Johnstone 600 to 800 men
The Annandale Army
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