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    Braxton Memorial Regatta 2011

    The only scheduled fall race for the Mainland Rowing Team turned out to be a valuable learning experience for all the crews.  Unseasonably mild temperatures with variable cloudiness made it a beautiful day for racing.
    The Mainland coaches sent 5 mixed crews to the starting line of one of the fall's only sprint races.  The Mainland crews performed admirably with many new faces in each racing shell.  The 2000 meter collegiate length course provided a great experience on which to base the upcoming winter training.  Most coaches, including a number of college coaches, used the event to do some end of the year tinkering and to get a peek at next spring's potential.  Other coaches are in the unenviable position to have well established crews of upperclassmen, who will likely only improve their fitness base and fine tune their technique for the spring.
    Until then, the crews will head back to Doc Holland boathouse and get all the equipment tucked away for the winter.  One thing became quite clear in today's races: seat racing in the spring will likely be spirited.
    Check out the official results here.
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    20c Heat 3 Women's HS JV8+ 8:25.45 
    21a Heat 1 Men's HS JV8+ 7:27.29 
    30f Heat 6 Women's HS Varsity4+ 8:17.28 
    32a Heat 1 Women's HS Varsity 8+ 6:46.28 
    33b Heat 2 Men's HS Varsity 8+ 6:59.03 
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