Open Educational Resources in World Languages

  1. Integrating art into your French lessons?  Try  19th Century French Paintings.
  2. Would you like your students to use an online “weekly reader” in French? 1jour 1actu!
  3. Looking for a place to record speaking assessments? Audio Dropbox
  4. Would you like to increase the knowledge of the Spanish language with podcasts?
  5. Enrich your language instruction with fantastic audio, video, and print resources at  BBC Languages
  6. Looking for a great interactive site for beginner Spanish learners?  BBC Mi Vida Loca
  7. Would you like a comprehensive website where you can learn everything you always wanted to know about France? Bonjour
  8. Do you need a site for comprehension, verb conjugations & vocabulary building?Bonjour de France Numéro 13
  9. Are you looking for a resource to help students learn different aspects of the Spanish language? Bowdoin College
  10. Would you like to learn another language through an image and sound based approach? Busuu
  11. Do you need culturally authentic images to enhance a lesson?  CAPL
  12. Looking for a fun and educational site where students can learn about science and technology?Cedy’s World
  13. Looking for site that provides music videos and lyrics to over 2000 French songs?  Chansons pour étudier le français
  14. Interested in experiencing universal elements in Children's folk games, commonly used around the world?  Children's Folk Games
  15. Looking for recreational and educational games for children?  Childtopia     
  16. Do you need an interactive site to create games for your SmartBoard? Class Tools
  17. Looking for an advanced collection of grammar exercises in Spanish? / Looking for a seamless combination of cultural exploration and grammar instruction and practice? Colby College
  18. Do your students need a place to practice vocabulary or conjugating? Conjuguemos
  19. Looking for insightful cultural  information for country/cultural studies?  Countries and Their Cultures
  20. Looking for stories in Spanish based on certain themes or values? Cuentos Para Dormir.
  21. Searching for valuable cultural information about any country?.  Culture Crossing     
  22. Are you looking for the popular Spanish series “Destinos”?
  23. Looking for free courses and video/ podcasts for German? Deutsche Welle
  24. Looking for a user-friendly way to practice every-day vocabulary and geography through fun games?Digital Dialects
  25. Would you like to refer your students to a site rich in all aspects of French culture and history? école Azurlingua
  26. Want to create groups for your classes, curate your library, tag your resources, upload your files (never search for that amazing teacher-made rubric again) and even have a gradebook as a part of the experience? Edmodo
  27. Looking for authentic reading material written for teens and preteens? El Gancho
  28. Interested in fun children Spanish folklore in all its forms? El huevo de chocolate
  29. Would you be interested in having access to a database of updated archived lessons? España
  30. Would you like to learn all about Martinique? Every culture - Martinique
  31. Looking for flashcards for a variety of subjects that you can use, share, print or create your own? Flashcard Exchange
  32. How would you like to speak instantly to a native speaker from any country in the world? Forvo
  33. Free tools for language teachers has many applications to support language learning, including tools for practicing script-based languages.
  34. Looking for essential French, proficiency tests, verb conjugations, daily lessons & quizzes?French Language  
  35. Would you like to find class activities for beginning, intermediate and advance students? French Revision
  36. Looking for a site that has French verb flash cards, verb conjugation tables and crossword puzzles? French Verb Test
  37. Are you searching for some new listening comprehension activities for your students? FluencyProf
  38. Want to practice in a virtual environment your Spanish and French grammar knowledge and be ready when the time comes to do it in real-time?Gram@clicando
  39. Would you like to find a site that has elementary vocabulary in a variety of languages? Hello World
  40. Is Spanish your second language?  Are you looking for a resource to help you explain some cultural aspects of Spanish?  Hispanic Culture Online
  41. Looking to Learn French Online for Free with
    phrases, listening resources vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation exercises?
    IE Languages
  42. Would you like ideas for different units? Instructional Resources
  43. Looking for simple French vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation videos? J’ apprends le français
  44. Would you like to use contemporary  French song in your classroom? La chanson en cours de FLE
  45. Looking for good and tried French recipes?La Cuisine de Monica
  46. Do you have students that are fascinated by animals?  This interactive website teaches all about animals and explains grammar along the way!  Don’t miss La llamada de la selva.
  47. Are you looking for a site with lots of short video clips about a wide variety of topics?  LangMedia
  48. Interested in an audio-pictorial vocabulary guide? Language Guide
  49. Do you need a good source for comprehensive vocabulary and hundreds of free language-learning lessons, games and activities?  Language Learning Library
  50. Looking for a source of games and activities?  Language Resources
  51. Looking for a site that offers great online games & activities as well as printable worksheets?
    Vocabulary practice, organized by themes & units.  Languages Online
  52. Looking for one of the best collection of Latin American sites, related to all the “C”s?  LANIC
  53. Looking for animations to stimulate behaviors of different types?
    Las tres mellizas (The Triplets)
  54. Looking for ideas for integrated lessons in your world language classroom?
  55. Looking for power points on grammar & vocabulary with textbooks Discovering French Bleu, Blanc & Rouge?Le Wiki de Madame
  56. Looking for video clips and interactive lessons in a social networking setting to learn languages? Lingorilla
  57. Would you like an online dictionary where students can click on unknown words from an article they are reading and get a popup entry for that word? Lingro Dictionary
  58. Would you like to teach new vocabulary in thematic units using short videos to high school students or beyond? Lingus TV
  59. Do you need a place for students to speak or write to various prompts? Lingt site
  60. Would you like to see and hear audiovisual materials from France; from speeches by De Gaulle to interviews with Edith Piaf? L'institut national de l'audiovisuel
  61. Are you looking for an application to organize links on your website? Live Binders
  62. Do you want a site with International pop music where students can practice listening? Lyrics Training
  63. Do you need a place for students to quickly collaborate online with minimal set up or management? This site provides a place for writing prompts, questions, and brainstorms as threaded discussions which are visible to the class in a safe, on-line environment.  Good for any language OR content area-- Mr Thread.
  64. Looking for resources from actual university courses? MIT Open Courseware Foreign Languages and Literatures
  65. Would you like to create word games and puzzles for vocabulary building?Multilingual puzzles & games
  66. Want to use the power of music video to improve Spanish vocabulary? Musical Spanish!
  67. Need some good grammar guides and short vocabulary quizzes? My Languages
  68. Anyone need Instructional and cultural videos, Illustrated web-based picture-books & Thematic curriculum units with cultural connections? Click here!  My Little Things      
  69. Looking to facilitate acquisition to beginners Spanish vocabulary through an interactive guide in a playful way? My World in Words
  70. Do you want a quick easy way to set up an interactive class webpage?  NiceNet's ICA (Internet Classroom Assistant)
  71. Looking for comic misadventures in Spanish for children 6-8 years? Noah Comprende
  72. Do you want a site for children’s fairy tales & learning about animals? Northumberland Language Learning Resources
  73. Would you like to explore visual/audio based children's activities in Spanish? Online Free Spanish
  74. Would you like to learn a new language by listening to native speakers? Open Culture
  75. Looking for performance assessment rubrics to grade speaking assessments?  PALS rubrics
  76. Would you like a site that is loaded with activities to help learners practice the sounds and rhythms of the French language? Phonétique
  77. Looking for a highly visual site that teaches new Spanish words and phrases using current photojournalism?  Photo Vocab would make a great starting point for visual writing prompts.
  78. Watch your students learn and practice French with an engaging mystery story featuring Inspecteur Roger Duflet at Polar FLE
  79. Want to improve speaking and writing with a nice compilation of Spanish grammar and see a different approach to some Spanish literature? Portal de Educación
  80. Primera escuela has a treasure trove of printables for pre-k bilingual learners.
  81. Looking for a site for French and Spanish students to read and listen to children’s stories and create their own comics?Professor Garfield
  82. Would you like to create your own puzzles choosing from  8 different types of puzzles?Puzzlemaker
  83. Looking for teacher-created shared assessments in French? Quintessential Instructional Archive French German? Quintessential Instructional Archive German Spanish? Quintessential Instructional Archive Spanish
  84. Do you need a site for students to practice vocabulary with flashcards and games?/Looking for an engaging way for students to study vocabulary and grammar using interactive flashcards?  Quizlet
  85. Do you need a site to help you create and save rubrics online? RCampus
  86. Need a great site with pictures from all over the world?  Realia
  87. Would you like to have more control of your Spanish? Try Reglas de Ortografía.
  88. Looking for SAM videos? Sixth Grade Spanish Wiki
  89. Are you looking for a dictionary other than  Spanish Dictionary
  90. Would you like to find class activities for beginning, intermediate and advance  Spanish students?  Spanish Grammar Exercises
  91. Searching for learning environments that are more interactive and that integrate technology? Spanish for Kids
  92. Need self-checked quizzes on a variety of advanced topics in Spanish grammar? This site has many great tools to assess knowledge. Try Spanish Language Resources by Juan Ramón de Arana.
  93. Spanish Language Videos contain multiple sources to short clips of native speakers of Spanish.
  94. Looking for conjugation practice in multiple tenses? Spanish Learn it Online
  95. Are you interested in using Spanish current events in your lesson planning? Spanish NewsBites
  96. Looking for a Spanish Playground ?Spanish Playground
  97. Looking for authentic Spanish listening sources from beginner to advanced levels which include transcripts in both English and Spanish?  Spanish Proficiency Exercises
  98. Looking for a great variety of Spanish proverbs explained? This wiki has dozens in alphabetical order.
  99. Do you need printouts of concepts and projects for a high school level class? Spanish Resources.
  100. Looking to improve students' basic listening skills? Spanish Town
  101. Create your own flashcards and interactive activities with Study Stack
  102. Are you looking for a great source of current articles with comprehension questions for upper level Spanish students? TECLA
  103. Would you like your students to type in words or sentences in the target language and see how they sound? Text to Speech
  104. Looking for a good vocabulary building site?The Internet Picture Dictionary
  105. Looking for an excellent site with video and audio for both students and teachers? TV5 Monde
  106. Need activities to accompany Spanish media such as SAM videos or current films? Video Worksheets for Spanish
  107. Searching for Spanish vocabulary lessons with animation, fun sounds and other cool features?.   Vocabulary Drills
  108. Looking for an online recording device that is very simple to use that emails you when the recording is finished and also generates HTML code to embed the recording into a webpage?  Vocaroo!
  109. Looking for a great site for Elementary and Middle School German vocabulary and culture practice?Voyage Kids
  110. Provide your students with interactive practice activities, audio flashcards, and a web reader that enables students to read authentic articles without a dictionary at Word Champ
  111. Do you need an online dictionary?/Looking for an online dictionary tool with full dictionary entries and complete verb conjugations? Word Reference
  112. Would you like to learn another language and add words to your own dictionary while learning this new language? Wordsteps
  113. Want to incorporate culture into a writing lesson? Writing like Guy de Maupassant
  114. Looking to integrate music and writing into your Spanish curriculum? Zambombazo
  115. Are you looking for an easy way to create engaging webquests?  Zunal