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Richard C. Lumb has 24 years of direct policing and over 30 years teaching as an Associate Professor and Chair in University teaching positions.[1]

Breazeale, Ronald, & Lumb, Richard,  (2013). Resilience Building: Peer Coaching Manual.  Assisting Others to Acquire and Sustain Positive Change and Overcome the Effects of Stress, Adversity, and Trauma.  ISBN-10-1492812447.

Lumb, Richard. & Rogers, John. (2013). Supervision: role Changes to Reflect 21st Century Demands. It’s not your rank or title: It’s all about results.  ISBN-10: 1493654373.

Lumb, Richard. (2014). Assertions About Leader Role and Effectiveness: Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be. ISBN-13:978-1500752316.

Lumb, Richard. (2014). The Silent Killer of Police and First Responders: Building Endurance to Manage the Effects of Accumulated Stress, Adversity & Trauma. ISBN-10:1492114618.

Lumb, Richard. (2015). Reducing Gun Violence: Utilizing Community Capacity Building Strategies to Achieve Sustainable Change.  ISBN-10:1517142652.

Lumb, Richard. (2016). Policing and Requisite Challenges. ISBN-13:978-1540375841.

Lumb, Richard. & Metz, Gary. (2017).  Common Ground: Bridging Police and Community Collaboration. ISBN-13:978-1541341364.

Lumb, Richard. & Metz, Gary. (2018). Sustainable Community Collaboration Building.  ISBN: 9781727249521.

Breazeale, Ronald. & Lumb, Richard. (2019). Building Resilience: A Peer Coaching Manual. (Rev). ISBN-13:978-1791503833.

Lumb, Richard. (2019). Vol II: Issues in Policing and Requisite Challenges.  ISBN-9781096002987.

A guide to conducting internal and community problem-solving collaborations is under development.  The guide will assist an organization conduct problem-solving leading to sustainable solutions.

Lumb, Richard. (2019). Walking the Razors Edge.  Fifty-five Years  of Police and Interrelated Experience. ISBN-13: 978-1099645631

To those who have served, I honor you!  Through my own story, I include officers I have known and worked with illustrating actual examples to which most of the public is without knowledge.

Lumb, Richard C. & Metz Gary J. (2019, March). The Casting of Blame: A transparent and Foolhardy Quest.

ISBN-13  978-107042005

Community wellbeing is a goal, demanding acceptance, and a willingness to work collaboratively to find solutions to the myriad of issues and problems that confront us a people.  Fixing issues and problems is a process of organized people intent on achieving new goals that define how people should and can live near one another.  This short manuscript is a thoughtful journey, where information sparks thinking, and that, in turn, leads you to engage in determining solutions

The books displayed are practical, hands-on, and meant to guide organizations in addressing issues and problems, resulting in sustainable solutions.  Repeat, but unsuccessful attempts to bring about solutions is costly and discouraging to those who experience a diminished quality of life.

Working from a collaborative model with community members and stakeholders is a powerful concept, not fully understood or implemented; which reduces the potential impact.  We address these concepts from a collaborative partnership perspective; because it works.

Richard C. Lumb, Ph.D.

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