Steps to Becoming a New Adult Official of Girls' Lacrosse

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States and in the State of Maine.  Because of its growth and popularity, we welcome people interested in becoming lacrosse officials.  You do not need to "know" the sport.  You simply need an interest in learning this unique and beautiful game.  MWLOA is committed to helping you learn the sport and grow your skills as an official of the girls' game.

Lacrosse is also a fast sport and as such officials need to be in reasonably good physical condition and be capable of running up and down the field for long periods of time.  Officials at all levels are expected to be able to keep up with the play.  Most game assignments are in the form of double headers.  This means that you need to be able to jog almost continuously for at least an hour and a half.  Sprinting is required throughout the games.    

If you are interested in becoming an official of the girl's game of lacrosse in Maine, we are here to help you with your efforts.  

If you are a teen/player interested in officiating rec games, please go the Junior Officials page.

Steps to Becoming a Girl’s Lacrosse Official for Adults Interested in Officiating Girls' Lacrosse

  •  Attend one of the MWLOA sets of classes (please note we will make every effort to add classes if they are needed/wanted)New Official Classes

The fee for the 3 week or 2 session course (this depends on location) is $25 payable at the first class and covers the cost of a 2019 US Lacrosse Rulebook and all printed materials.
  • Pass both the 2020 US Lacrosse Rules Tests - 
    • Tests will be reviewed during the last class session - open book 
      • Youth test – 80% or better
      • Girls' test  – 80% or better 
  • Register as a new official with US Lacrosse through US Lacrosse website ($55)
    • All officials MUST be members of US Lacrosse before officiating any games.  Your membership is the source of liability insurance that protects you as an official.
    • New official login and registration information for US Lacrosse can be done through this link: Membership US Lacrosse
      • Please register as an official of the women's/girls' game.  (You may wait until you have completed the new officials' class to register.)
    • Junior officials (teen/players) must register with US Lacrosse as a player and official.  Please go to the Junior Officials page for information about joining US Lacrosse as a player/official.  
  • Pay dues to MWLOA  
    • New adult members' dues are included in the course fee.  
    • Youth/player members ($25) - this includes the cost of a teen/official clinic, 2020 US Lacrosse Rulebook, printed materials, a set of official's cards, an "Official" t-shirt, and a whistle
  • Attend an on-field training and run the field with an experienced official
    • This can be done at one of these on-field training opportunities:
      • Play days will be set and advertised as we get closer to the spring season
      • Pre-Season Scrimmage – arranged with individual officials
  • Pass the Maine Department of Education background check - 2020 Required Background Check Information
Once all of the above steps have been completed, the new official's name is given to the MWLOA assignor for the assignment of games.

Please complete this new official interest form to help us better plan for this spring's new umpire classes.
Link to: 

2019 - New Girls' Lacrosse Official Interest Form