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Post secondary Education 


Assistive Technology; a Maine VRC site with information and links to information on assistive technology

Audacity - free recording softwareAudacity is "open source" recording software which is quick and easy to use, and has a surprising number of features for free software.  Create MP3 or WAV files for use with your clients or transfer your old records to digital format and burn to a CD. 

Maine VRC websight development; Information on the development of this site and blog using free website creation and hosting capabilities from Google.

Web Design class;Free web design class on line from the University of Washington.  Covers the basics of HTML coding awell as color and picture layout.  Great resource!s

Web Accessibility; Maine VRC page with information and links on what makes an Accessible web site, web standards, explanation of accessibility icons and companies which specailize in accessible website design.

Guide to Making Documents Accessible to Blind and visually Impaired; An American Council for the Blind article on how to make documents accessible. 

Universal Design/ Accommodations;Maine VRC page with information on what is Universal Design, how to apply it's principles, as well as information on accommodations and how to get them.