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The origin of this websight had its roots loosely in the completion of my graduate degree in rehabilitation counseling.  Having designed my internship around the use of assistive technology and its benefits for the clients we serve, I came into frequent contact with a variety of aspects of the tech community.  I saw technology which was not labled "assistive technology" and information which was not technology at all but a way of instruction or providing information which could not only benefit our clients,  but could help me, as a counselor, be more effective an efficient. 

The idea for the websight took form while reading a book Mavericks at Work by William C. Taylor and Polly G. LaBarre.  It discussed how various companies have used their ideologies, technology, people, spaces and missions to inspire their staff and customers, and built successful companies by not following the rules of traditional business.  In looking at what other companies are doing well, it makes you examine what your own company is or is not doing well.  In my time in the field, I have continued to hear many of the same complaints about the work (much which is not related to the actual "work" of a VRC, but being able to accomplish our work efficiently and effectively and stay healthy in the process.

To this end, I conceived of a websight which would meet some of our varied needs, from information sharing and mobile office, to recruitment and retention.  It is my hope that this can be an effective way to share information resources and support with eachother as VRC's as well as with our clients. 

In these pages, you will find templates, and documents which people have created and I posted for counselors to use as tools to help us learn more, be more effective and share with others.  I have also included a blog, links to various resources which we use as counselors, as well as fun stuff and a calendar of events state wide.  The information was put together with the counselor in mind, but there are many useful links for our clients.

To find out more about the software and features used to create Maine VRC, visit the website development page which gives the details of how the site was created using free software and hosting from Google.

It is my hope that people will send links to faviorite resources, videos as well as original documents and templates that they use to help keep themselves organized, track information or trainings which they have created.  Please join the discussion in the blog area, and above all,

Be Kind.