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Here you'll find links to interesting sites, and clips of videos or other information.  Feel free to send along your favorites.

The Web is Us/ing Us;

Wheelchair Backflip (videos) short

long version (with skate park footage) 

Crutch Dancing 1; short documentary of Bill Shannon and amazing dancing and skateboarding on crutches

What teachers really make...(video) monologue from Taylor Mali

Satirical video of one man's "able" experience in a disabled world. Captioned and signed Part I  Part 2

Despair Inc. (commercial site) darkly humours site, check out their "Demotivators" and FAQ's. What's your favorite?

Internet Archive; Great site which has free access to a live music archive (which artists have allowed), movies, texts and other audio.  Amazing assortment of music and movies (they call them "moving images").  If you're looking for full text books, you may want to also try Project Gutenberg which has 17,000 books on line (free) whose copyrights have expired.

How not to use Powerpoint; (semi-instructional video) Comedian Don McMillan on what not to do with powerpoint.; Recycle your unwanted stuff or get free stuff.  Local messageboards where you can post what you have to give or what you need.  Everything is free, no selling allowed