Grobanoinks  getting purty for a Josh concert

photos by SilverMoon67 (Lori), captions by Loubi (Louise) & website by Mainepatty



























































 Grobanoink's & Lori's email:




The Salon


Facials for all


Spa Treatment



Looking gorgeous!



"Hurry up!! I want my chance in the mud bath so I can look beeeeuuuaatiful for Josh's visit."


"OOooo, this feels so good. I am going to have such soft, supple skin for when Josh pets ME! He'll love me best."

 Grobanoinks make the news!

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Made by a bunch of nutty Grobanites


no pigs were hurt in the making of this website - though Lori's pigs did have a great time in the mud! 

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