Grobanoinks Mystery Revealed

Photos by SilverMoon67 (Lori) & Website by Mainepatty

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And you thought Wilbur was an amazing pig - wait till you hear this swine story, straight from the farmer.....


Dear Josh, 

 I am sure you get many letters asking you to come and play near your many fans, but I bet you have never gotten one like this!  You see it all started when I began playing your music in my barn when I did chores.  My husband and I have a small 24-acre farm in Maine. 


As I said, I started listening to your music in the barn when I noticed that several of our pigs seemed to really be paying attention.  I thought I was crazy but, no, there was definitely something going on.  I didn’t really give it much notice though until they began congregating in small groups. 


One day I went out and saw a sign that had mysteriously appeared in one of the stalls.  I couldn’t believe it!  Some of the sows took a page from your fans and are now calling themselves the Grobanoinks.  I’m still trying to figure out where they got the paint and I’m impressed with their painting ability. 


Now about this time I noticed that the boar was really starting to get annoyed because he wasn’t getting the attention anymore.  Would you believe I went out there one day and, somehow, the boar had fashioned himself a Josh Groban mask? No word yet as to whether or not this has changed his situation. 


The final straw came though, when I went out and the sows have taken their newfound love of your music to an extreme! As you can see, they take their jobs of advertising your music very seriously. So, please, in order to get things back to normal, please come perform in Maine so I can report back to these poor animals. 


So, I figure there is one of two possible endings to this adventure:


1) You will NEVER come to Maine because you think a bunch of totally insane people live there or


2) You will HAVE to come to Maine because you found this too funny to resist 





DISCLAIMER:  No pigs were hurt in the creation of this joke.  :)



 Created by a bunch of nutty Grobanites

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Grobanoinks getting ready for a concert

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Pigs making plans!





Pigs artists? Too cool!






 How did he cut out that mask without fingers?  Amazing! 

Josh Groban gets free advertising. These awesome, amazing pigs should get front row seats :)