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Welcome to the Maine Morgan Breeder's Cup page. We hope you enjoy visiting our site and as a result of your visit learn more about the Morgan breed and what the MMBC offers to Morgan Breeders.


The Maine Morgan Breeder’s Cup was approved by the Maine Morgan Horse Club, Inc. in 1998.   The founding committee members were: Jim Sims, Pam and David Vose, Sue and Shane Oliver, Sharon Holmes, Lois Wotton and Jennifer Templeton(now Chipman). 

The purpose of the class was simple: to promote the breeding of registered Morgan Horses.  The class was devised to be all inclusive and to give all Morgan breeders a place to showcase their foals, in a venue that would be both prestigious and fun.  There would be no nomination fees or restrictions as to sire or dam.  All Morgan Weanlings eligible for registration were welcome to participate in the class by paying an entry fee only.  This remains true today.  

The inaugural class was held at the Maine International Morgan Horse Show at Bass Park, Bangor, Maine on September 3, 1999.  The first class was open to Weanlings only and paid out $2500 total prize money over 10 places.  Eighteen weanlings were entered and seventeen were shown.  Due to the overwhelmingly positive response a yearling and Sport Horse classes were added in 2000.  

Over the years the name has changed slightly and changed back, the payout has increased, and some years have seen more entries than others, but one thing remains true:  the Breeder’s Division of the Maine Morgan Horse Show remains one of the highlights of our show and is one of few remaining breeder focused events.  Our committee members and the Maine Morgan Horse Club are dedicated to the promotion of our wonderful breed.  We continue to support all breeders and we are thrilled to report that our alumni have gone on to win both at the Regional and National and World Championship level.  

We hope that you will join us with your weanling or yearling or MMBC Alumni, support us as a sponsor, or simply join us at the Maine Morgan Horse Show to cheer on your favorite weanling or yearling as we continue to showcase the one and only Morgan horse.  We are looking forward to our event for the 3rd year at our current venue ~ Topsfield Fairgrounds in Topsfield, MA. We promise that our Breeder's Class evening will be filled with magnificent Morgan horses, a spectacular presentation of our Alumni participants, the auctioning of our famous "Green Jacket", and the night will be as magnificent and exciting as always!   

 Sport Horse Cup

In response to the popularity of the Morgan Sport Horse the Maine Morgan Board of Directors approved a separate Sport Horse class on the triangle in 2000.  This Committee was named the Maine Morgan Sport Horse Cup. Technically a separate committee, the Sport Horse Cup class was managed and held separately from the Breeder’s Cup.  The two groups have always worked together to support the breeding of ALL registered Morgan Horses.  Although this committee is currently inactive, we anticipate that there will soon be sufficient member support and participation to hold this popular class once again.   


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