SMMSHF Chorus Auditions

Southern Maine Middle School Honors Festival

Chorus Auditions 2018-2019

Audition Requirements:

  1. Sing the appropriate Soprano, Alto or Baritone line to Flying Free as outlined in the audition parts below. Sopranos will sing with the Alto track in the audition. Altos and Baritones will sing with the Soprano track in the audition.
  2. Sing a Scale using solfege syllables or on “loo” or “la”. Sopranos sing an Eb Major Scale. Altos sing a C Major Scale. Baritones will sing a Major Scale appropriate for their range. Enter the audition room knowing your starting pitch. Students will hear the first note of the scale in the audition.
  3. Sightread a 4-measure stepwise melody using moveable Do through So with quarter and half notes. Students may sing using solfege syllables or on "loo" or "la". Sopranos sightread in Treble Clef Eb Major. Altos sightread in Treble Clef C Major. Baritones sightread in Bass Clef Eb Major. Students will hear Do and the Tonic chord in the audition.

Click Here to see Sample Sightreading Examples

Click Here to download the Audition Scoresheet

Please copy one Scoresheet for each of your students auditioning and have

them fill it out with their name and school prior to the audition.

Audition Piece: Flying Free by Don Besig

Click on the following to download the audition piece sheet music:

Flying Free Soprano Practice Part

Flying Free Alto Practice Part

Flying Free Baritone Practice Part

Practice tracks to sing along with:

Flying Free Accompaniment with SOPRANO line loudest

Flying Free Accompaniment with ALTO line loudest

Flying Free Accompaniment with BARITONE line loudest

Flying Free Accompaniment with ALL PARTS