SMMSHF Audition Sign Up

Directions for Registering Students for SMMSHF Auditions

1. Log in to you account:

2. Click Manage Students (this is where you add student names).

a. To ADD a student: Select a school, enter Last and First names, Select the Grade, and click ADD.

b. To DELETE or DE-ACTIVATE a student: Click DELETE to the right of the student's name.

c. To CHANGE a student's Name, or Grade: Click EDIT to the left of the student's name.

NOTE: The student's info will become editable, make the necessary changes and click UPDATE.

3. Wait! You aren’t done!! Return to your account summary page.

4. Click on 2017-2018 Southern Maine MSHF

a. This is where you add instrument/voice part/grade information. If you don’t complete the steps below, your students WILL NOT be scheduled for an audition.

b. Click 'Add' after making appropriate selections to put a student on the Auditions List to be scheduled for an audition.

-Scheduling Exceptions: If you have a student who needs to complete their audition by a certain time, please include that information in the Special Considerations spot. Otherwise, Krystle and Lisa will group all of your students' audition times within the same block.

c. Click 'Drop' to remove a student's request for an audition (this will NOT 'delete' the student from your school).

d. To 'Change' a student's audition, simply Drop them first and then Add them with the correct info