News and Information for Maine Go (Weiqi, Baduk) Players

The goal of Maine Go is to promote the game of Go in Maine. If you play go, and would like to find a club to join, or other players in your area, let us know!

Maine Go is an American Go Association (AGA) chapter.  If you are not a member, consider joining the AGA.  The AGA provides support and ranking for its chapters and members.  If you are interested in joining the AGA, you can join through Maine Go and get half off your first year membership!  Contact Jasper at the email below to more information.

If you are a Maine Go player, and would like to subscribe to our Google Group, Click Here

We are now on Facebook!  Find us Here.  Or, search Facebook for Maine Go.

March, 2017

We've setup a Facebook group for any Go players in Maine who would like to discuss Go, and keep up to date on Go happenings in Maine.  If you are on Facebook, and play Go, consider joining the group.  Maine Go Facebook Group



We have started a Maine Go group on OGS.  If you play on OGS, consider joining the group.  

Southern Maine


Go in Gorham! Club meetings are every third Sunday from 1 - 4 pm at the Gorham Arts Alliance.


We are working on scheduling monthly meetups in Portland for those of you unable to make it to the Gorham meetup on Sundays.   Stay tuned for more info on this.


For more information on any of the above, contact Jasper Ziller at the email below.

OGS: jziller