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Committee Members

The Maine Bird Records Committee has 9 voting members and a non-voting secretary. Members hold three-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms before having to step down for at least one year. Chair is elected annually and Secretary every three years.



Members through 2018
Louis Bevier (2nd term)
Luke Seitz (2nd term)
Margaret Viens

Members through 2019
Will Russell (2nd term)
Pat Moynahan (2nd term)
Bill Sheehan (2nd term)

Members through 2020
Lysle Brinker (2nd term)
Doug Hitchcox
Tom Aversa

Maine Bird Records Committee (2017)
Members at October 2017 meeting held at Maine Audubon's Gilsland Farm, Falmouth. From left to right:  Doug Hitchcox, Trevor Persons (Chair), Margaret Viens, Becky Marvil (Secretary), Bill Sheehan, Lysle Brinker, and Louis Bevier. Members not present for the photo were Pat Moynahan, Luke Seitz, and Will Russell. (Trevor Persons had to retire from the committee after this meeting due to term limits, and Tom Aversa was voted onto the committee.)