2015 Lean Systems Summit

The Continuous Improvement Lean Collaborative: Where Government, Services, and Manufacturing Meet

The Continuous Improvement Lean Collaborative (CILC) is a multi-state network of public and private individuals, organizations, and companies interested and involved in continuous improvement.  Its goal is to provide a forum for practitioner and organization learning, active collaboration, and sharing of knowledge, experience, and resources across all sectors.

The Collaborative’s Leadership Board includes representatives of Jotul North America; State/ Provincial governments of Maine, New Hampshire, New Brunswick, and Connecticut; Lonza Rockland; Infinite Services, Inc.; and Lean Capitol LLC.

This August is the Collaborative’s sixth annual Lean Systems Summit.

 2015 Lean Systems Summit

Theme:    Achieving Operational Excellence through Collaboration, Innovation, Continuous Improvement, and Respect for People.

Purpose: Join private and public business leaders to discuss collaboration and innovation and using Lean continuous improvement principles and methods to improve organizational effectiveness.  The Summit will include speakers and 15 informational workshops across healthcare, services, government, education, manufacturing, finance, and other businesses on how Lean leaders and practitioners are using Lean to change their culture and improve their way of doing business.  The Pre-Summit’s diverse ½ and full-day seminars will provide focused, in-depth opportunities.

 When:     Lean Systems Summit -   Friday, August 7, 2015    8am-5pm

 Pre-Summit Seminars -   Thursday, August 6, 2015   8am-5pm

 Networking Session -       Thursday, August 6, 2015 6pm @ DeMillo’s

Where:    Holiday Inn by the Bay, 88 Spring Street, Portland, Maine - http://innbythebay.com