* Mission Statement

2003 Executive Order establishing the Maine-Aomori Sister State Advisory Council (MASSAC)




The mission of MASSAC is to promote and cultivate a cooperative relationship between Maine and Aomori in order to benefit the citizens of the sister states.


Duties of the Council


The Council shall serve in an advisory capacity and have the following duties:


1.       The Council shall advise and report to the Governor on the status of the Maine-Aomori sister state relationship


2.       The Council shall identify and assess existing activities and exchanges with Aomori, and devise strategies to develop cultural, educational, and commercial opportunities between the sister states


3.       The Council shall identify sources of support for sister state exchange, programs, projects, and administrative assistance for the Council. Participating State departments and agencies, municipalities, school districts, and private non-profit and for-profit organizations shall be responsible for implementing such exchanges, programs, and projects