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The students of the Development Studies actively contribute to the vibrant campus life by participating in various activities, such as the campus production of ‘The Vagina Monologues’, TISStalks- a blog on gender issues, workshops, debates, quizzes, indoor and outdoor games. Further, the students have their own unique space, in the form of a Development Studies Forum (DSF), which engages in various academic and non-academic activities. The forum organizes study circles, film screenings, discussions, guest lectures and cultural events.

Manzar 2007-08
The annual academic and cultural festival of Development Studies – ‘MANZAR’ was held from January 11-13, 2008. The festival aimed to initiate a dialogue on ‘development’: its notions, what is means, who is it meant for; its implications; and to address key questions in order to evolve a holistic understanding of development as an inclusive process, keeping in mind specifically the deprived section of the Indian population and the way to bridge the socio-economic & human development gaps.

The themes for Manzar 2007-08 were: 

1. Politics of Development Research 
2. Resistance and Democratization 
3. Perspectives on Critical Art: Theatre as a form of Resistance

The key note address was delivered by Dr. Prabhat Patnaik, Professor, and Centre for Economic studies and planning, School of Social Sciences, JNU. Other distinguished speakers included Jayati Ghosh, Dr. Ram Manohar Reddy, Dr. Vinay Lal, and Sameera Iyenger. 

Along with the critical discussions, film-screenings, Plays, Paper presentations also comprised to be an essential feature of the festival. The festival received tremendous response within the academic circles. 

Manzar 2007-08 Slideshow

The Centre for Development Studies  has launched a bi-annual newsletter, that is unique to the campus. Capturing the ethos of creative thinking, it seeks to focus on student  driven activities and interests.

The first issue, called Saaksh came out in September and features the first academic festival of the centre, Manzar, student reflections on internships, dissertation and guest lectures. The feature also portrays  the vibrant international student community.

 The Newsletter aims to reach out to universities and development organisations across India, as well as reflect development trends. Watch out for the next one! Read the newsletter.

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