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Office Hours
(Dole - 3029)

Fall 2015


  Tuesday and Thursday: 10:45 to 11:30 am and 2:15 to 3:00 pm

and by appt.

navin (at)

    Do you need a letter of recommendation from me?

Please see the following links

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In general, please give me plenty of time (about 2 months), give me your materials in a clear and organized manner after I have agreed to write your letters.
Finally, could you please let me know when you succeed ? I would love to hear from you!

Doing research with me

I am always looking for people to join my research team. The number of vacancies in my research lab is small to provide a research experience that is both meaningful and enriching. Research (as you may know from your Research methods course) involves painstaking attention, a lot of effort and dedication. I urge you to consider the following questions seriously before signing up to work on research with any of the professors.

1. Can I spend a minimum of 10 hours/week on research ?

2. Am I willing to go beyond considerations of grades and credit ?

3. Why do I want to be a part of a research team?

These questions are not meant to intimidate the first-time researcher but is merely intended to provide perspective. Research is extremely exciting and as an early researcher, you will be learning about the paradigms, the questions, the debates and the mysteries of any field. What is more, you will have the opportunity to play a small (but significant) part in solving some of these puzzles!

Please feel free to email me/ stop by during my office hours to chat about research.

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Suggested steps to get the most out of your appointment.

1. Make an appointment with me - I have a sign up sheet outside my office about two weeks before it is time to register. I also send a reminder email, so always check your new paltz email!  Pick a slot - write your name clearly. Arrive on time! If for some reason you cannot make it in person (and it is a serious reason like am not in New Paltz this semester) then write to me and we will figure out a way.

2. Check if you have any "holds" on your account using my new paltz. If you don't know how I can check it for you during the meeting but act on it and get it done.

3. Please look carefully at your progress report and determine what requirements you need to fulfill (and what are screaming priorities!). Don't print it out - it is usually a waste of paper. I will pull it up for us when we discuss your progress.

4. Come prepared with a tentative schedule and some back up plans. In general, you take the courses you want provided you are not hurting your progress by doing so. So think through the courses carefully.

Tip: Look beyond "no Friday classes or no 8 am classes etc !" Also don't put off the difficult courses for a better semester (it usually gets more challenging). Take all the courses that you need now, it is hard to predict when they may be offered again.

5. If you have a known issue (e.g., my course did not transfer right) that you have or have not talked about with me, please send me an email with full details. This will enable me to put this on record and would help us both get things done via the Dept/ the Advising center or transfer admissions

6. If you were hoping to talking about the more interesting stuff as well (becoming a Psychologist; gradschool, best pizza in town, etc.) we can set up another appointment during our meeting. This is because the time slots are tight. However, I definitely do want to be available for you for those important conversations as well.