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Buy our mimes. Our mimes are male mimes that arrive through mail. These mimes are mail male mimes. Do not panic, our mimes are raw. And living. We only keep the raw living mimes. The other mimes are made into a meat pie. Those meat pies are the mime food. Mhmmmn. Good mime pies. Don't worry about the cooked dead mimes. Only buy the raw living mimes. The sick mimes are kept with the catholic children. Don't worry about the sick mimes, they are used to being touched. Expect our male mimes through the mail today! Buy our mimes.
Please do not fret, our silent boys are for sale. Please buy.

If you are interested in working with mimes, or just a federal investigator, please apply for a career at Mail Mimes?

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  • Third times a charm! Looks like the third time will be the charm, as the Restaurant at the Empire Hotel is now in its second incarnation. Average chowder and blah seafood set the stage ...
    Posted Dec 14, 2016, 7:13 AM by Jacob LaRose
  • Great pre-theater dining. A great place for pre-theater dining or casual seafood tasting. The food and service are outstanding within its price range. For starter, they have a variety of fresh oysters ...
    Posted Dec 14, 2016, 7:13 AM by Jacob LaRose
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