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Your OWN Online Income! 



A Beginners Guide To Email Marketing 



I have been watching with some sadness the growing number of  people trying to earn some online income and failing utterly. 

My experience has taught me that it is possible to create a steady and regular cash flow with a little more than an hours effort per day. 

It is my intention to present an online guide in a "paint by numbers" format, which will mean that anyone will be able to create a solid and regular income working with their computer. 

Let me show you how I, a 67 year old retired sales manager, completely computer illiterate, have been able to generate regular fortnightly cheques from ClickBank for the past 3 years. 

Although there will be some outlay required, you must realise that it is necessary to have the proper tools to establish your business.


These are the steps that you must take :- 

(1) Register with ClickBank and become familiar with the Marketplace.


(2) Download your bulk email transmission software  http://xxxxxx.com
            This will allow you to send about 3,000 emails/minute! 



(3) Now the most important part is as follows:- To succeed you must
have a fully opt-in list to mail to! Subscribe here, http://xxxx
to receive around 50,000 opt-in leads per week, less than 20
days old, complete with Christian Name, Surname, Address, IP
Number, Email Address, Contact Phone Number, Date Of Birth, Sex,
Degree Of Interest, Reason For Enquiry. 

NOTE : Because of spam issues it may pay you to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and tell them what you are doing, and offer to send them a weekly copy of your list complete with full opt-in details. Some people who have opted in still hit the SPAM button instead of the DELETE Button! 

(4) Go to clickBank and select 4 products from separate categories.
Each product must be paying more than $20.00 commission. 

(5) Set up your link cloaker and tracker here, http://xxxxxxx.com.
This will enable you to track your emails and determine their

(6) Join the Warrior Forum (free) and become familiar with the world of internet marketing.


Right, you now have products, potential cutomers, a way of contacting them and a means of analysing your efforts.







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