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Vampire House Rules

General Rules

Vampiric Immortality: Vampires do not “wrap” lethal damage into aggravated damage. Thus, you cannot “beat a vampire to death.” Further damage is cosmetic only, and over time in the torpor, the bits and parts of a vampire will coalesce into a full corpse, ready to rise. To kill a vampire, you must inflict Aggravated damage in some way, such as fire, sunlight, or claws.  This does not apply to any Vampire deemed an "extra."  Moreover, bashing damage, when it wraps into lethal damage, never deals more than 1 HL per successful attack.

Inhuman Monsters: Instead of derangements, vampires may opt to take “Blood Curses,” (additional weaknesses, such as the inability to enter without being invited)

Blood Experience: Blood is tasty. To reflect this, once per session when a vampire feeds off of a human, he gains 1 “Blood experience.” When he feeds off a particularly tasty mortal (a target chosen by the ST, or a type of target set at character creation by the player (“Blonde men under the age of 22” for example), he gains an additional Blood Experience point (again, once per session). Vampire blood doubles these benefits. To gain these benefits, the vampire must play out the hunt. Feeding off of animals, or abstracting the hunt with rolls will not grant Blood Experience. Blood Experience may only be spent to increase Blood Potency, and when sufficient Blood Experience is gained to increase Blood Potence, the player must spend the Blood Experience to increase his Blood Potence.

Blood Potency: Vitae per turn at Blood Potency 3 and 5 is increased by 1 (to 2 and 3 respectively).  This makes Blood Potency 3 and 5 more attractive.


Hat tip: Erik Moll

Monstrous Countenance (Nightmare 1): Monstrous countenance no longer has a roll associated with it, the vampire simply declares whether or not he's using it.  Any mortals who witness a vampire using Monstrous Countenance must make a Composure roll or run away.  Finally, a vampire with Monstrous Countenance gains a +2 to mundane Intimidation rolls.

Awe (Majesty 1): You may choose to single out a single target with your Awe. Successes gained from Awe allow a vampire to exceed his Humanity (thus, his maximum social pool with Awe active is his Humanity + Awe Successes)

Aspect of the Predator (Protean 1): In addition to always frenzying when faced with Predator's Taint, Vampires with Aspect of the Predator gain +2 to all physical attributes while in Frenzy, rather than +1. Further, they gain +2 to Ride the Wave rolls. Vampires may choose to “turn off” Aspect of the Predator, in which case, they lose all benefits and detriments for the remainder of the scene.

Resilience: When Resilience expires at the end of the scene, the damage occupying those health levels vanish with it.  If any question arises as to what sort of damage disappears, take the rightmost damage first (bashing, then lethal, then aggravated), and it will never remove damage that was not given to the vampire when Resilience was not active. For ease of use, consider marking resilience health levels and their damage seperately, above the Health track. Resilience may only be activated once per scene.