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Royal Bengal Automotive in association with Vroom mobike modshop presents this website about custom mobikes.

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That's me Bobby with my Kinetic Gf170 Laser Sport Edition.I spend my spare time designing bikes for Vroom and most of all enjoy riding them fast Very fast.

This is Anil.He is the man behind Vroom.He is bike crazy.He left his job to start Vroom his workshop where he modifies normal bikes into beauties like the Yamaha RX100 he is looking at modded into a Yamaha DT100.


This site is dedicated to all those who are passionate about about motorcycles.We are a team of bike crazy builders who are going to modify and customise your motorcycle into your dreambike.Your requirements and recommendations will be the basis of our modification job.Our goal is to customise your two wheeler to give you an experience which is much more refined both performance as well as design wise.We will provide entire cosmetic changes for your vehicle.Generally,the mass production bikes will not have features that may be required by you.We would go ahead to satisfy that need of yours.Read the reviews


Entire body modification including custom built body parts and 2k paint system in heat chamber.Chassis,suspension altering (eg.mono shock installation) exhaust modification,porting and performance modification.Restoration and enhancement jobs.Repainting and high quality graphics.


This portion contains all the pictures of the bikes that have been modded by RBA-Vroom.Click Gallery1 Gallery2  Gallery3

About Us

"Vroom" the brainchild of Anil bhai who was always crazy about mobikes and himself an avid biker.He is a perfectionist and who not rest untill the bike he is working on is finished.Vroom is a team of bike crazy modders like Anil , myself ie. Bobby and the rest of the gang!  

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The full fairing version of the Hyosung Comet 250 GT version.


The Yamaha RX100 that Anil modified at Vroom.Below,the DT with my Laser.