Treating for TSS, BOD/COD, Oil and Grease, and dissolved metals can be accomplished with our patented technology...

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OUR technology originated with the Dutch inventor of oil/water separator technology in the 1960's. Over the years, Pollard has refined the technology so that the design is much more advanced and efficient than a simple DAF.  The next generation system is called CEP/DGF , or
Chemically Encapsulated Phase Dissolved Gas Flotation.
This equipment can economically reduce the following waste water / process water constituents (and others as well) to well below required levels:

  •     Phosphorus
  •     Dissolved metals
  •     BOD / COD
  •     TSS
  •     Oil & Grease
  •     TKN
With a two-gallon sample of contaminated wastewater / process water, we can determine how effective this equipment will be for removing a particular contaminant or group of contaminants and the cost of our system. We have confidence- our installations number over 4,000 units that span 33+ years.

THE DIFFERENCE: We offer a proven solution and not a sales call.
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Our patented chemistry and flocculator design, as well as the PLC driven contoller with ph monitor allow near instantaneous changes in response to the treatment of your wastewater stream. Included on each system are all required components, including holding tanks, polymer tanks/mixers, pumps, valves, flocculator, catwalk, stairs and critical spares are included in the skid. A filter press for dewatering the contaminants removed from the wastewater / process water can also be included.
Our CEP/DGF equipment has a small footprint, and can be reconfigured to fit into the smallest of spaces. The entire system is pre-wired, pre-plumbed and skid-mounted. Prior to shipment, each system is fully assembled and test-run in the factory. The complete system can be installed in a matter of hours by our personnel. All that is needed from the customer is a power supply to the control panel, influent piping to the skid, piping to direct the treated water to the desired location, and a small factory
air supply.
Our units are currently in-place at oil refineries, off-shore oil operations, government faciliies, mining / milling operations, industrial laundries, food-processing facilities,  and numerous industrial / chemical facilities (with various wastewater contaminants, including metals) as well as rendering plants, animal slaughtering / processing plants and daries. Flowrates from 50 gallons per minute to 12,000 gpm. 
Testing samples allows us to guarantee success.
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