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There are some major errors that I found in this program, Just before start of the world cup I found that my selection of teams for super eight was flawed. Actually the teams that progressed from groups stage to super eight were according to a preconcived notion that all top eight teams will progress to super eight. According to there initial rank a number (A1, A2 etc) were given for super eight entry teams. So If India as it was lebelled A2 dont qualify Bangladesh will be lebelled A2 even if it had topped the group standing it will still be lebelled A2.


Thank you for all your support, as I can see that there were downloads from 43 countries till date of this program.  List of the countries


DOn, 27/04/2007



Error in group A , Second rank team which was affecting the super eight ranking is corrected. Special Thanks to Jigar Patel.

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    Revision - I

    Print Function Added. HTML REPORT can be created

    • Download Sample PWC07
    • Download Main PWC07
    • Download Documentation - II
    • Documentation - I


    • In the new version it will be possible to creat a HTML report of the WC.

    26/09/2006 (Basic Version)

    • Download the sample PWC07
    • Download the Main PWC07 (New file with some changes uploaded on 26/9/2006- No functional changes, changes are mainly related to looks of the first page.)
    • Documentation

  • ( To clear the doubts - During the FIFA WC, i received a excellent data sheat in excel, which will help you to follow the game closely. I thought why we cannt have something simmillar to that for ICC WC. Thats how i started working on this project. As there are many parameters in a cricket match this program to certain extent became a bit complicated (I guess). Thats why i need your help and suggestion to make it more simple.)

    Iknow the hardcore cricket fans are more interested in statistics and probabilities than the actual game. Especially in multi nation tournaments such as world cup, after every match there will be lots of calculation regarding the victories, margin of victories by other teams and your team. This is mainly to ensure that your team reaches at least semi-finals easily :-).

    I think with this particular program there is a lot of scope for manipulation, trying different combinations and victory or defeat margins to decide on how tournament can progress and in general prediction of your teams performance.


    Those who are testing this program, I want to thank them all. Basic inputs for this programs are for runs, wkts, overs for each inning and selection of reservday, Duckwarth-Lewis option depending on the match condition. I wanted to know whether the program behaves arbitrarily at some conditions. I would also like to know the appearance and how user friendly is the code.