Student Posters

Student Poster Entry
Please enter your student poster(s) via E-mail (See Contact Information) in time.  The entry must be made by a faculty advisor.  Each entry should consist of:
  1. Title
  2. Name(s) of student(s)
  3. Name(s) of faculty advisor(s)
  4. Affiliation (the name of university)
  5. [if not USA] Country
Posters are accepted on first-come, first-serve basis until the limited space is filled up.  The Program Committee reserves the right to reject or remove posters when necessary.  Titles and authors appear in the program. At least one student and one faculty advisor must register per poster. There is no specific limitation of the number of posters per registration.

Each poster should consist of less than 5-6 slides in US letter size.  They should include the title page, the introduction and the conclusion (plus some future work(s)).  The title page should include the title, the names of student(s) and faculty advisor(s) and their affiliation.