OGG2MOGG v2.0 *UPDATED 02.23.2010* v4.20 in RB DLC Tools!
RBA Extractor v4.20 *UPDATE* 'Build Date: Feb 13, 2010'
in RB DLC Tools!

Rock Band DLC Tools *UPDATED 11.04.2010* (Built with VS2010 + .NET3.5)
(MediaFire Link) {EXE MD5: 25653610a193076a9217fadcdb158835}

  (11.04.2010)  ->  Fixed 'Game Origin' in 'songs.dta File Creator'!
  (11.01.2010)  ->  Fixed ALL difficulties in 'songs.dta File Creator'! (All difficulties 'should' work!)
  (10.30.2010)  ->  Fixed some difficulties in 'songs.dta File Creator'! (All 'normal' difficulties should work!)
                        ->  Added 'Song Rating' in 'songs.dta File Creator'!
  (10.29.2010)  ->  Added 'Audio' tab in 'songs.dta File Creator', to customize the audio tracks!
                        ->  NOTE: Because of custom 'instrument' names, only DTA files created
                        ->             with (10.29.2010) and above, will read these audio fields properly!
                        ->             If you don't know what your doing on the 'Audio' tab, just UNCHECK all the
                        ->             boxes, and it will automatically put the 'default' values in the 'songs.dta' file!
                        ->  Changed 'Solos' textbox into checkboxes in 'songs.dta File Creator'!
  (10.28.2010)  ->  Fixed 'RB3 Custom (VENUE Track)' 'Format' and 'Version' #s in 'songs.dta File Creator'!
  (10.27.2010)  ->  Added change 'Vocal Percussion' and 'Vocal Scroll Speed' in 'songs.dta File Creator'!
                        ->  Added 'Enable/Disable Keyboard Track' checkbox in 'songs.dta File Creator'!
  (10.25.2010)  ->  Added 'Game Origin' box in 'songs.dta File Creator', to create a custom category!
                        ->  Added change 'RB3 DLC Format' in 'songs.dta File Creator'!
                        ->  Since 'RB3 Pro' songs DON'T have a 'VENUE' track in the 'mid',
                        ->  You MUST select 'RB2 Converted' for the 'VENUE' track in the 'mid' file to work!
  (10.19.2010)  ->  Made the 'Auto-Remove Extra RB2 Files' a seperate checkbox in 'songs.dta File Creator'!
  (10.18.2010)  ->  Added 'Rock Band 3' support in 'songs.dta File Creator'!
                        ->  When opening or saving a 'songs.dta file', make sure you choose the corret game!
                        ->  NOTE: Not all values for RB3 are created! For ALL values, check out an original file HERE!
                        ->  Added 'Batch Convert All OGG Files' in 'OGG2MOGG' to convert a folder of 'OGG' files!
  (04.27.2010)  ->  Improved 'Open
songs.dta File' in 'songs.dta File Creator' A LOT!
                        ->  It will automatically remove any extra characters in the textboxes! ( " , ) , or spaces )
                        ->  If theres no 'Year Released' specified, it will put the first year, based on the decade!
                        ->  If theres no 'Album Name' specified, it will put the 'Song Artist' in that box!
                        ->  I tested this with 42 'original' songs.dta files, and it read them ALL PERFECTLY!
  (04.26.2010)  ->  Fixed 'Open songs.dta File' in 'songs.dta File Creator'! (Should open any songs.dta file!)
(Difficulties don't work when opening 'original'
songs.dta files, because the values are ALWAYS different!) :P
  (04.13.2010)  ->  Added
edit the 'Track Numbers' that are in the 'mogg' file in 'songs.dta File Creator'!
  (04.13.2010)  ->  Added 'Open songs.dta File' in 'songs.dta File Creator' to edit existing 'songs.dta' files!
  (04.11.2010)  ->  Made 'Auto-Rename Files' in 'songs.dta File Creator' simpler!
  (04.08.2010)  ->  Added 'Preview Start Time'
in 'songs.dta File Creator'! (Will always be 30 seconds long!)
  (04.07.2010)  ->  Added 'Auto-Rename Files'
in 'songs.dta File Creator'!
  (04.05.2010)  ->  Added 'NO PART' under 'Difficulty' in 'songs.dta File Creator'!
  (04.01.2010)  -> 
Fixed 'Delete Original OGG' bug! Disabled 'Update Check' on startup! (So it starts faster!)
  (03.15.2010)  ->  Added 'SHA-1 Hasher' (Generate
SHA-1 Hash on the 'MID' for RB 'On-Disc' Customs!)
  (02.25.2010)  ->  Added 'FTP Uploader'! (Upload a 'RB DLC' file to your Xbox 360!)
  (02.23.2010)  ->  Added 'Open MOGG Header' in 'OGG2MOGG'! (If you have problems with the 1 it inserts!)
  (02.22.2010)  ->  Added 'MID Checker v1.0'! (Checks 'MID' file and adds 'Blank' tracks that are missing!)
  (02.20.2010)  ->  You don't need the 'moggheader' file anymore in 'OGG2MOGG'! (It will auto-create it!)
  (02.19.2010)  ->  Added 'songs.dta File Creator'! (Create a new songs.dta file!)
  (02.16.2010)  ->  Added 'Extract to Folder' in 'RBA Extractor'!
  (02.13.2010)  ->  Created 'Rock Band DLC Tools'! (OGG2MOGG and RBA Extractor in 1!)

x360 Music Organizer v0.14 beta *UPDATED 08.21.2010* (Built with VS2010 + .NET3.5)
(MediaFire Link) {EXE MD5: 59091987a57c7b393583d4ef597dca8a}

-> Description <- {read the Readme for more info!}
+ Create a custom 'mindex.xmi' file and 'FMIM' music files!
+ Automatically creates a NEW 'mindex.xmi' file and 'media' folders!
+ Automatically uploads the created 'mindex' files to your Xbox 360!
+ Automatically backups the current 'mindex' folder on your Xbox 360!
+ Automatically converts 'mp3, ogg, and wav' files to WMA!
+ Built-in 'Music Player' in the 'mindex.XMI Creator' tab!
+ Built-in 'FTP Uploader' to upload/delete files on your Xbox 360!
+ Built-in 'FMIM Music Converter' to convert 'FMIM' back to 'WMA'!
+ Built-in 'About' to view everything that's in this 'Readme'!

+ Tested with 42 songs, and all worked perfectly. So you should be
    able to add as many songs as you have space (limit might be 25,000)
+ Even though you can only add 1 artist/album right now, you could
    use the 'Filename as Song Title' and then make Playlists. :)

-> Known Issues <-
- Can only add 1 Artist and 1 Album!
- Can't add songs to existing XMI files!

-> ChangeLog <-
v0.14 - August 21, 2010
* added: Automatically convert 'mp3, ogg, and wav' files to WMA!
* added: Automatically rename the 'mindex' folder, if it exists in the
              same folder as the 'Output Directory", on your computer!
* added: Update checker in the 'About' tab!
* added: Volume and Now Playing menus to system tray icon!
* added: Next, Stop, Pause, Play, Previous buttons to tray icon menu!
* added: System tray icon shows the name and time of the song playing!
* added: 'Music Player' (wma/mp3/ogg/wav) in the 'mindex.XMI Cre' tab!
* added: Automatically add the converted FMIM->WMA files to the list!
* added: 'Choose FMIM Folder' in the 'FMIM Music Converter' tab!
* fixed: Songs length number in the XMI file!
* changed: textbox in the 'mindex.XMI Creator' tab is now a listview!