History of the Mahoning County Coon Hunters Protective Association is based on accounts and recollections of senior members that was passed down by word of mouth and records.
The Mahoning County Coon Hunters Protective Association (MVCHPA) began in 1914 when a group of local gentry met at the home of Dr. John Zimmerman on the Southside of Youngstown, OH to formulate therir passion for "coon" hunting and their dedication to proper game management. Hence the "MVCHPA" was begun. Club hunts and field trials were commonplace. Events were held around the city and Mahoning Valley, including the Brier Hill District, Buhl and Firestone farms, and the Canfield Area.
In 1924, Dr S.R. Craver DVM was elected president. George and Erwin Zimmerman were trustees. Meetings were held at the homes of various members. As the MVCPA grew, it was decided to meet at a central location capable of accommodating the expanding membership. Various social halls wre utilized in the area.  
In 1946 meetings were held at the Boardman Ex-servicemens Club Hall on the South Avenue Extension. Joe McKnight was president until 1957.
John Kandray and Bob Baird joined in 1950, Chuck Wellendorf and Jim Hazelett 1955, Fred Dezee in 1956 who served as club officer for 30 years... the most of anyone in the 95 year history of the club.
1957 marked the first year of the "swappin" event, held at Arrowhead Lake. Fred Schuller joined at this time and supplied and sold dog food from his company for the event for many years, he also organized the "kids" games for the festivals. 1958 brought Paul Finch to the club, which as of this writing makes him the seventh longest member of the club with over 50 years commitment.
In 1966 property in Ellsworth was purchased and remains the MVCHPA current location and club events most known for the "Fall Festival" held every 2nd weekend in September since the late 1970s.
Friday, Saturday and Sundays remain devoted to gun and dog trading along with County Bands on Friday & Saturday night. Saturdays are filled with both "Dog Water & Land Races" and Sundays "Kids" races and games conclud the event.

Public Events:

Wild Game Dinner:

February 11, 2012                  

Tickets available at the door.


Fall Festival:

September 7, 8 & 9, 2012