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It's been a great year of learning! Here's a sample of one student's skill and creativity in representing learning in Ms. Schmearer's Spanish class. Enjoy Grace's fantastic work!

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Rappelling for Rippleffect

On Saturday, May 14, Jada, Annika, and Mr. Donaldson went over the edge from the top of One City Center in Portland. It was the second year for Mahoney to participate in Rappell for Rippleffect, a fundraiser for the Rippleffect program that many Mahoney students benefit from. Mrs. Barry and the band accompanied the cheers of encouragement from the Mahoney community as our courageous climbers descended the 130 foot side of the building. 

Stuff-A-Bus Final Results
JMG here with the final results from Stuff-A-Bus, our week long food drive For the Preble Street Soup Kitchen, who serves meals to those in need in our community.

We are proud to announce that we surpassed our goal of 1,000 items and collected a grand total of 2,092 nonperishable goods for the food drive!  We are so grateful for all you who helped make this a success and for my math majors out there-we went from 920 items to 2,092 in one day!  That’s a new one day record of 1,172 items!  Congratulations Mahoney!
We also have another broken record this year and that’s the combined grade level of total items collected. The previous record was set last year by the 7th grade, which are this year’s 8th graders. The record was 902 items and this year the 7th graders collected 1,000 items! Well done 7th grade! And now the moment you’ve been waiting for…..
Coming in third place with a respectable total of 198 items is our champion from last year, Mr. Nee!  Congratulations Mr. Nee’s homeroom, you’ve won yourself a wii party catered by JMG for the 2nd year in a row!
Finishing in 2nd place with a grand total of 224 nonperishable items is the original trophy recipient, Mrs. Dugas!  Congratulations Mrs. Dugas’s homeroom!
And now for our new 2015 Stuff-A-Bus champion!  Her homeroom will now have bragging rights for the rest of the year and will be the new owners of the trophy.  They collected a total of 266 nonperishable items and are responsible for taking the trophy out of the 7th grade wing-give it up for Mrs. Rosenblum’s homeroom!  Congratulations!  
JMG students would like everyone to please remember why we truly do this community service-it’s not for the wii parties or even the trophy. We do this, each and everyone of us to help those who need a hand up and the real winner is the Preble Street Soup Kitchen who will now have enough food to provide meals to those in need for a long time to come. Thank you Mahoney students and staff-you make us proud!

Mr. Kozaka

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Mahoney Honors Our Veterans

Mrs. Thornfeldt's 8th graders led the Mahoney community in honoring local veterans at an assembly in the auditorium. Several students shared the interviews they conducted and told the stories of service they learned from veteran who volunteered to speak with classes. 


Mrs. Stilphen Defies Gravity: Rippleffect Wins!

On Saturday, May 16, Mrs. Stilphen joined over 100 other volunteers in rappelling down One City Center to raise money for Rippleffect. After raising $1,000 to help fund Rippleffect, Mrs. Stilphen took to the roof 180 feet above the street and deftly descended to the cheers of the Mahoney support team. Seventh grader Margie Jones, the lucky student chosen at random to rappel, was all smiles as she conquered the tallest building in the city. The Mahoney community is rightly proud of our two intrepid adventurers. Their courage and commitment have helped ensure that next year's students will have the chance to learn and grow with Rippleffect's excellent programs. 
For more pics and video, follow this link: Rappelling for Rippleffect


Student Panel Discussion: Teens' Media and Technology Use

Come be part of the conversation about teens' media and technology use. 
A student panel discussion will be taking place for parents and community members to better understand the ups and downs of teens’ digital lives .

Panel discussion from 6:30 to 8:00 PM
Monday, March 16, 2015
South Portland High School
Lecture Hall

Audience members will be given an opportunity to ask questions of the student panel and will leave with tips and resources for keeping kids safe online.
Refreshments will be served.


Grade 8 Maine Military Museum PSAs

7th Grade Beach Trip Announcement

Summer Reading Lists

Students entering Grade 6

Students entering Grade 7

Students entering Grade 8

South Portland High School Summer Reading Requirements and Summer Reading Note Sheet 

8th Grade Writing Winner    

Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Gott would like to share exciting news.  Jack Vose-Gimbel, 8th grade student, has been selected as a semi-finalist for the 2014Letters About Literature contest. Letters About Literature is a writing contest where writing is judged on both the state and national level.  

Students in Mrs. Foster's Language Arts class wrote letters to an author about how that author's book affected them in some way or changed their thinking in some way.

CONGRATULATIONS to 8th grade student, Jack Vose-Gimbel.  Jack's letter was selected as a semi-finalist from nearly 1,000 entries from Maine.  As far as we know, Jack is the first Mahoney student to reach the semi-finalist level.  We hope you will join us in celebrating Jack's success.  Good Job, Jack.

School Report Cards for South Portland schools

Superintendent Godin has announced the release of the School Report Cards for the South Portland School District. The announcement can be found on this district webpage: School Report Cards

Student Writing: iPad App Reviews

Mrs. Foster's LA writers have reviewed some educational apps for iPads. Read their work and add a comment to their website: 218 App Reviews . They would love to hear what you think!


Special Recognition: Band and Chorus

March 11

Congratulations to the 6th grade Honors Band and Chorus members for a great festival this past Saturday.  Kudos to choral members Aaron Matthews, Adrienna Boivin, Bela Cloutier, Max Johnson and Meghan Livingston and band members Mitchell Adams, Jacob Milton, Meg Herrick, Rosalie Leonard, Cliff Robbins-Sennewald, Eli Falconer, Josh Doan and Max Saffer-Meng.

March 1 & 2, 2013

25 Mahoney 7th and 8th grade musicians participated in a two day festival this weekend, hosted at Westbrook MS.  These students were selected by a stringent audition process in November, and spent the days in rehearsals, culminating in an outstanding public concert on Saturday March 2nd.  Congratulations to:

(band) Lilliana Brandao, Juliana Selser, Julia Stanton, Joy Zanghi, Ella Piper, Robin Jordan, Sofia McNally, Ellen Stanton, Hannah Yesse, Thomas Costin, Grace Whited, Jesse Pearlman, Andrew Falconer and Cam Deiley

(chorus) Amelia Papi, Emma Jones, Liam Hurkes, Patrick Martin, Stella Lynch, Rosalie Bryson, Molly Malczynski, Jasmine McKenzie, and Elizabeth Foster.

Congratulations to all who participated. You have made the Mahoney community very proud!

Monday - PJ Day
Tuesday - Twins Day
Wednesday - Wacky Hair & Hat Day
Thursday - Color by Grade Day (8th = purple  7th = blue      6th = orange   )
Friday - Red & White Day!!

Wacky Hair and Hat Day

Wacky Hair and Hat Day - The camera got stuck in grade 6....

Red and White Day

Attendance - Winter/Spring 2012

Below you will see our student attendance, by grade and for the whole school each day.

Our goal is to reach 95% attendance or better.  Believe it or not, our attendance rate factors in to whether we meet the standards on our state assessments.  And we know that high achievement is related to high attendance rates. 

We appreciate any and all help in order to meet the 95% or better benchmark each and every day!


5/25/12 - Mrs. Lefebvre's science classes studied the Mill Creek ecosystem. Check out their pictures and reports: Mill Creek Ecosystem

6-3 Team - Ice Cream Project on Presentation Day

Grade 6

Grade 8
Mrs. Rioux's social studies presentations on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Grade 7
            Mrs. Lefebvre's Disease Project presentations  - NEW 4/23/12
            Mr Harmon's LA poetry videos
 Mrs. Gott's LA Book Trailers    
Grade 6
            Mr. Heffernan's e-zine, POV105
Related Arts
                Ms. Pisani's STEM stylus competition