Senior Lecturer in Biological Anthropology. 

Human Osteology Research Laboratory, University of Kent

I have an an academic background in archaeology from UCL (BSc. 1999), and human osteology and palaeopathology from Sheffield (MSc. 2000).  I did my PhD at Sheffield (2004) on human dental microwear during the hunter-gatherer to farming development in the prehistoric Levant, spending time at Tel Aviv University.  After that I trained in dental histology at Arizona State University and the Institute of Human Origins (2005).  I was a post-doc for four years employed on AHRC and NSF funded projects conducting histological analyses of tooth enamel to investigate fossil primate life history and dental development in humans.  I took my current position at Kent in 2008.

Research Interests and CV

Childhood enamel growth.  Bioarchaeology.  CV

Current Projects

have two current funded research projectsI use histological methods to study the underlying mechanism that generates the enamel layer in children's 'milk teeth'.  My work has established fundamental differences in the way that children's teeth develop, compared to adult dentition. This research is funded by the Royal Society.

I collaborate with colleagues from the University of Indianapolis.  We are combining enamel histology with 3D microscopic evidence of ancient childhood diet to reconstruct weaning and health in the past. This research is funded by a British Academy/Leverhulme grant.

I also contribute to dietary reconstructions for ancient adult human populations, working with colleagues at Kent and UCL.

Research Lab

I am manager of the Human Osteology Research Laboratory at the University of Kent.  The lab is equipped for sectioning hard tissue (Royal Society funded), thin section preparation, high resolution microscopy, microscopic image analysis, and collagen extraction for stable isotope analysis.

I am director of Kent Osteological Research and Analysis.


I was employed as a field archaeologist by Birmingham University excavating human remains. I have also worked as an archaeological excavator in Israel and Barbados.


I teach three undergraduate courses in human osteology, palaeopathology, and analytical methods in anthropological science.  I also teach classes on forensic archeology. 

I supervise graduate research degrees in hard tissue histology, and ancient human diet (bioarchaeology).


University of Kent, Canterbury

School of Anthropology & Conservation.

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