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Virginia Tech (2010-present)

As a Dean's Teaching Fellow, I have had increasing teaching responsibilities during my tenure at Virginia Tech.  My fellowship has allowed me the opportunity to teach large lectures (100-seat & 300-seat enrollment) and coordinate the  10 laboratory sections taught by four graduate students and one faculty member teaching.  It is not everyday that a graduate student is responsible for ensuring a faculty member is returning assignments in a timely manner - but that was my reality in Spring 2012!

Course Coordinator and Lecturer, ENGE 1104: Exploration of the Digital Future
Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013
  • ENGE 1104 is the second course in the first-year engineering sequence
  • Responsible for all course materials and student learning experiences
  • Taught 100-seat {Fall} and 300-seat {Spring} lectures
  • Completed an overhaul of the course content and design project structure {Spring 2012}
  • Led weekly coordination meeting for laboratory instructors (2 instructors/3 laboratories {Fall 2011, 2012}, 5 instructors/10 laboratories {Spring 2012}, and 7 instructors/12 laboratories {Spring 2013}))
  • Mentored and evaluated graduate students during their teaching experience

Laboratory Instructor, ENGE 1024: Engineering Explorations Workshop
Fall 2010

  • ENGE 1024 is the first course in the first-year engineering sequence
  • Assisted faculty of record in large lectures (250+ students)
  • Taught two, 110-minute, 32-seat laboratories with weekly content provided during coordination meetings
  • Responsible for grading laboratory assignments
  • Topics included sustainable energy, graphing, and LabView