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Virtual Forest

I created a realistic, virtual loblolly pine forest based on LIDAR measurements and worked collaboratively with the College of Forestry to develop and run a user study validating forest management measurements in the CAVETM.  I worked as part of a team of four visualization researchers and three forestry researchers. 

For the first phase of the study, we recreated a virtual forest from stand measurements.  I used OpenGL to render frames of the virtual forest that were then stitched together to create a video.  Off-line rendering allowed for greater detail including increased tree branches and thicker understory.  Markers, such as flags and ribbons at breast-height, were included in both forests to aid forest managers in their stand surveys.  Side-by-side comparisons of the forests are show below.  User study participants were shown one type of forest video (real or virtual) to make stand estimates.  Stand estimates were compared to determine differences.

For the second phase of the study, we created a virtual forest from tree characteristics extracted from LIDAR data.  This work required real-time interaction so a user could navigate the virtual forest in our immersive CAVETM.  We employed various methods, including level-of-detail and simplified tree models, to ensure we maintained a minimum frame-rate.

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